Anderson ,SC 29621                   

             This is the story of a man and a car. John Baker is our feature of the month. John, known as 'baker', has had an insatiable love for Chevelle most of his life. It all started when he was a teenager in high school. He saw a Chevelle Super Sport that he really wanted .So he came up with a plan to get it. While still a student in high school ,he got a second shift job at J.P. Stevens plant. At first he was too young to work there, when the foreman found out, he sent him home and told him to come back when he was 16. So the day after his 16th birthday, he returned. He eventually ,with tenacity and perseverance, saved up enough money to purchase the 1970 Chevelle Super Sport. It was his first car.It was gold with wide black racing stripes.It turned the heads of a  young lady and the heads  of many car enthusiast from Southside to the Westside.It was sharp and fast.His best friend and road dog Jerome Heard, also known as 'Jeep' , had a similar car green with white  racing stripes .The two of them where unstoppable!

            Many years past and 'Baker' continued his life as a husband and father ,but his appetite for muscle cars never wane.One day , a beat up ,dilapidated, partly blue and mostly rust, barely running1969 Chevy Nova fell into his path. He could not pass up this deal.To him it was a diamond in the rough .So he and his wife rode to Travelers Rest, SC to look at it.Little did anyone know that he had the money in his pocket to pay for it and the nerve to crank it up and drive it down the highway. With his wife  trailing him in the family car. Down Interstate 85 he went. Once again heads was turning , not because it was a cool car, but because it was a piece of junk! The Nova -nation angels were watching over him that day and they made it home  on a wing and a prayer.

             The restoration begins.

It looked bad.The diagnosis was not good .But after a few years, with hope ,lots of spare change ,spare parts ,buckets of paint, patience and the help of a good mechanic and trusted friend ,the restoration was completed. The blue mostly rust ,car was transformed into a sleek classic racing machine ........ painted banana yellow with wide black racing stripes and a black interior, aluminum head small block Chevy engine ,stalled-out 350 automatic trans and 4:10 gears with tires sitting on stock Super Sport rims, much like the car of Baker's youth. The results were dramatic ! New seats, new chrome ,new tires, new steering........ new Nova. At last heads were turning ......this time in awe! The naysayers and haters remain speechless. The man looks good and the car ,the car looks good with the man. So goes the  story of a man and a car. THE END

...................not really  .Another restoration is in progress!  

                                                                                                                                 Sandra Baker

Feature of the Month