Anderson ,SC 29621                   

  Feature Of The Month

       Clarence S. Galloway

    Jan 23,1927- Feb 10,2003

The feature of the month goes out to a very special man that was so dear to me . I can truly say this is where  my passion for cars and my mechanical ability was inherited from. He was a teacher and I was his student. I can remember at the young age of 12 he taught me to install brake shoes on a 1973 Mercury Marquis, by age 15 he taught me how to rebuild a engine ,by 16 I had built my first engine . He said "son if you not able to buy what you want, then use your hands and make it, somebody did".

            That creative spirit was passed down from Clarence and Ethel Gallowayr tto my sisters and I with encouraging love creating a legacy of  talented successful offspring.In the words of my sister Sandra (Baker) "Dad was a practical man and my mother was a dreamer" putting them together evolved a vision in us that can clearly be seen

      Who would have thought that this husband and father of 6 working at a local dealership in small town of South Carolina would end up in a advertisement page of an popular magazine recognizing his hard work and dedication for 55 years where he spent his entire employment . His accomplishment reaches far greater than the pages of that advertisement , it has been embedded in our lives as well as continuing being passed on to the next generations. Maybe one day my epitaph will read "Here lay the son of a Great Man" for he was that to me and more.

     But as I reminisce about all the teachings ,good times and lesson learned I had with my father, this is the driving force behind my inspiration for the Cruise-In, Car Club and this website.

     I would like to send a special thank you first to God whom I put my trust in and then my lovely wife Harriet-Dennis Galloway for strong support and being my number#1 fan and faithfully always being there by side . Having the encouraging support  from your spouse while  helping you also accomplish your dream exceeds more than any man can imagine !

   Last but not least I would to give a shout out to my boys (you all know who you are) they are the knot that keeps this all tied my family ,friends ,co-workers and automotive enthusiast I say ............