Anderson ,SC 29621                   

Julius Donyea' Clinkscales (or Yae') the  name he's known by everyone ...... is the Proud owner of 2 of the cars that most guys from a very young age always dreams of having one day. This started at the age of 3,as an almost sickening -Obsession, Just ask his mother (Johnnie). She didn't realize just how bad it was  until one Sunday morning  during Church service .....she noticed Little Donyae's pants pocket had Numerous "Mysterious Lumps "in them as if she forgot to iron them. Oh but no! ......they were Mattels "Hot Wheels" Die cast Car he had  smuggled  to Church because  he couldn't stand the thought of being apart from them .

     Fast Forward to the present : The 1998 Corvette and the 1998 Z28 Camaro Convertible won't fit  in His pockets today (even though his pants are A lot bigger now) . They're kept in his garage and he's still a little "Protective " of the life size Hot Wheels . Both Cars have been through NUMEROUS changes /Transformations and have won Numerous  Trophies, Plaques and Awards. His proudest moment was at the Super Chevy Show in 2008.On the very first attempt at showing it, He won the Best show with the Camaro for the 4th Generation Entries. The Corvette is an "Early Retirement Gift" to himself.

        Both vehicles have the LS1 Performance Engines in them and have various bolt -on parts for a "Little more Horsepower" not to mention Driving Excitement............! The 20"wheels on the them are for the Bling -factor and  style .

      On an ending note ; for any parent (s) who have a child or children that shows an interest in cars or any Constructive activities ,please encourage and Nurture their passion. The Sky's the limit for them.

He would also like to thank his child hood Best-friend( he knows who he is) and all that have been involved in helping him get the Feature Cars where they are today.

       To the aforementioned People in the beginning of this Feature: R.I.P. to those who are no longer here and Thanks for all you  have Instilled in "little " Donyae' .I Love and Miss you all.


Of  the


This month Feature starts by paying Homage to some very Influential/Great role Models and Mentors. Not all are Nationally-known; but all are revered to have  played a part in the life of the car owner seen in these photos: Mr. Robert Mattison Sr., Mr. Curtis Mattison, Mr. Julius Clinkscales,  Mr. Clarence Galloway, Calvin Wansley Jr., Mr.Mack Nance Jr., Mr. Larry Nance  and Mr .James Keese.