Anderson ,SC 29621                   

    This Feature of the month is about a young man that had a dream he truly believed in his heart  would eventually come true. When you are growing up as a small child you are told that you can be anything you set your mind to.

     Growing up in the small town of Anderson SC, in a single parent home along with his mother Della, big  brother Demond and  older sister Katina. Jermaine knew from a small child he wanted to be a fireman. Everytime he would see a fire truck he would get excited to the point his mother would drive by the fire station when traveling to and from other destinations .

     Whenever Jermaine shared his dream with people, some would laugh and others would brush it off but, there were some that believed encourage and supported his dream. One of his greatest supporters was his uncle Neil his mother's only brother. He encourage him towards the end of his high school career to pursue his dream. Neil had grown tired of him talking about his dream but not doing anything about it, so one afternoon along with another friend they visited the Anderson Fire Department.

  The guys welcome them with open arms and began to instruct Jermaine on how to begin a career in Fire Fighting. Jermaine started as a volunteer at Broadway Station No. 8 in Anderson County where he learned his skills. Jermaine began taking classes and was trained to become a paid fireman for the City of Anderson Fire Department in the year of 2000. He has been employed there for over 15yrs and has moved through several ranks from Firefighter,  Engineer, and Sergeant . Jermaine's present position is Lieutenant which he was promoted to in July 2015. 

       Jermaine is very active in the community, his church and Family. All these accomplishment would not be possible without God and the love and support of his wife, daughter and family. With man you are limited but with God all things are possible. God has greater plans for us than we can imagine or dream for ourselves.

                                              Michelle Galloway         

Feature of the  Month